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“Graduate Student Research Program–Underrepresented Minority Focus”
“Undergraduate Student Research Program–Underrepresented Minority Focus”

50 – $22,000 (maximum) grants; renewable for up to three years for the graduate program.

70 – $12,000 (maximum) grants; renewable for up to four years with the maintenance of a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for the undergraduate program.

Undergraduate: engineering, mathematics, computer science, earth sciences, life sciences, aeronautics or other disciplines of special interest to NASA.

Graduate: study and research in engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, aeronautics, biology, space sciences, life sciences, or other disciplines of interest to NASA.

Any minority-serving institution.

Full-time undergraduate and graduate underrepresented minority students (American Indian, African American, Hispanic, Alaska Native, Native Pacific Islander or individuals with a disability that limits a major life activity) from accredited U.S. colleges or universities, who are U.S. citizens. Applicant must be sponsored by a faculty advisor. Last year 500 applied for the undergraduate program and 110 applied for the graduate program.

Undergraduate: Academic qualifications, demonstrated interest in the applicant’s area of study, interest/potential in the pursuit of a graduate degree, and financial need.

Graduate: Academic qualifications; the quality of the plan of study/proposed research and its relevance to NASA’s research interest and needs; and, if applicable, the student’s utilization of research facilities at NASA centers.

May 1 for the undergraduate program.
February 1 for the graduate program.

College financial aid officer, or

NASA Headquarters
Minority University Research and Education Division
Code EU
Washington, DC 20546
(202) 358-1517
E-mail: [email protected]

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