About Us

At Parents Inc, we believe that all children and families are unique. Our well-researched content is written in everyday language. The aim is to help parents and carers make good decisions that promote child welfare, development and happiness.

Decisions about what’s best for raising a child always depend on the individual person, other people involved and the family’s circumstances. Some useful universal parenting principles apply for everyone. But the ‘right’ solution for a particular issue or problem often varies from family to family.

Parenting is a journey on which you continually discover new things about your children and yourself. You must always adapt. Parents and their children grow and learn together.

We believe parents are best positioned to decide what’s right based on their own values, resources and lifestyle choices. And we believe that parents are best placed to make good decisions when they have science-backed information on child health and development.

What Parents Inc Does

We provide evidence-based validated information about raising children and managing yourself as a parent or carer. We gather this information and try to present it in an interesting, engaging way, with plenty of real-life examples wherever possible.

Parents Inc describes and explains parenting methods, leaving scope for people to choose their own path that suits their unique circumstances. We avoid telling parents what to do and and try to present multiple options.

We offer factual information without any hidden agendas. When the science is unclear, or the evidence supports more than one approach to an issue, we let people know about the alternative approaches. Risks and benefits are also identified to help enable informed choices.

Who Parents Inc is For

The ParentsInc.org website is for all parents and carers.

Our website is also intended for professionals who support parents and carers – medical practitioners, psychologists, social workers, child and family health nurses, early childhood educators, preschool teachers, school teachers, and so on. Professionals are welcome to refer clients to our site and distribute content.

Where Parents Inc Content Comes From

The articles and resources we publish come from research and writing submitted by staff and contributors.

Sources and references are usually displayed. If the source of a claimed fact or guidance is not shown, you may assume the content draws on experience, past research and opinion. We do not vouch for the validity of specific information that lacks detailed sources or explanation.


Information presented on this site is not intended as a substitute for professional consultation with a qualified practitioner. Please read our Terms and Conditions of Use for further guidance on the responsible use of the information we provide.